Supervision/Consultation for Forensic Psychology and Forensic Mental Health Professionals

Dr. Lefkowits is now offering supervision to mental health professionals who are either new to forensic work or have years of experience.  Dr. Lefkowits has provided mandated supervision through the Maryland Board of Examiners of Psychologists to other psychologists and is now offering supervision and consultation to all mental health professionals, including practitioners from other States. Dr. Lefkowits has 25 years of experience as a practicing psychologist.  The focus of his practice for the last ten years has been on forensic work, particularly civil family law.

Interested mental health professionals may contact Dr. Lefkowits for any of the following reasons:

  • Considering starting a forensic practice but are uncertain about ethics, laws, skills and training necessary prior to their first case
  • Any mental health professional receiving a subpoena for deposition or trial and is uncertain how to proceed (note: Dr. Lefkowits is not an attorney and does not provide legal advice)
  • A mental health professional expecting to attend a deposition or trial and would like to review their case and testimony
  • Seasoned forensic practitioners with complex cases requiring feedback or input on difficult cases
  • Forensic practitioners who would like a report and/or data such as psychological testing reviewed
  • Considering serving as a peer review (i.e. rebuttal witness) or expert witness but are unclear about your ethical and role challenges.