Expert Testimony and Legal Consultation

Dr. Lefkowits has assisted attorneys in better understanding custody evaluations or psychological reports conducted by other professionals with their clients. Extensive assistance can be offered in developing cross examination for experts and better understanding relevant social science literature related to the specific case.

Rebuttal Witness & Expert Testimony

In some contested custody cases, an attorney may determine their client would benefit from an expert who can educate the court about specific issues related to the fact pattern of the case. This usually requires consultation with counsel, meeting with the client, review of the case file and review of relevant research literature.

Dr. Lefkowits has testified on a broad range of issues including attachment, overnights and young children, relocation, gatekeeping/alienation/estrangement, mental health and substance use disorders, parenting plans and domestic violence. Dr. Lefkowits has testified in eight different counties in Maryland, US Federal Court, DC Superior Court and one county in Virginia.